You will find here the questions frequently asked by our users.

No, it’s not mandatory. However, registration via a Facebook account speeds up the process and allows you to create your profile in just a few seconds. Email registration can also be done but requires validation and the addition of at least three manually selected photos from your mobile device gallery.

The SEEYOU key lets you show your interest. The other person will not have a notification. If the other person also clicks on SEEYOU the following message will appear: "YOUR EYES MET". You can then start the discussion via the chat.

The LuckySeeyou allows you to send a message that accompanies your seeyou. You are entitled to a free LuckySeeYou a day that you can send to the lucky person of your day.

Yes. In the section: Who explored my profile, the icon will appear next to your photo if you send a seeyou. If the other person clicks on your photo and then on SEEYOU at the bottom of your profile, the messaging app will open directly.

In this section you will see anyone who has taken an action on your profile ie: Who clicked on one of the icons at the bottom of your profile to know your family status or interests or clicked on your photos. You will see people who have explored your profile in the last 14 days. If our icon appears alongside the photo of a person who has explored your profile, it is because this person has sent you a SEEYOU. So you can click on this person's profile and also send a SEEYOU.

All goSeeYou users can send 12 SEEYOU per day. It is possible to buy additional SEEYOUs when those have been all used. Otherwise, you will have to wait 24 hours to send new SEEYOU.

No. The messaging will be accessible only when you have a common SEEYOU. You can always use your free LuckySeeYou daily to write a word to this person who will be free to answer or not.

Yes. You can block a person by clicking on the DENOUNCE icon. You can also block it directly in the messaging app.This action is irreversible and will make the profile and the complete conversation you had disappear.

Yes. By clicking on the icon DENOUNCE you will report this profile without the person knowing it. We will check the profile in question and remove it if necessary.

If you find love, you can simply select the "do not show me on goSeeYou" option. By doing this, you will no longer appear among the available profiles, but you will still be able to benefit from the exclusive discounts offered to SEEYOU members at our partners’.

To disable your account you must contact us by email at info@goseeyou.com. We will then contact you to completely disable/delete your account.

Since goSeeYou works by geolocation, if your mobile location system is not enabled, you will not be able to geolocate and therefore you will not appear among the available profiles.

In the section MY SENT SEEYOU you can consult the list of people to whom you sent a SEEYOU and you can also send a Lucky SeeYou to one of these people if you wish.

I had a match and received the notification saying: YOUR EYES MET. But when I click in the messaging app I have nothing. How is it possible?

If the person has hidden its visibility after exploring your profile, you will unfortunately not be able to see their profile.